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Having sex or making love?

Posted on: 01 , Jun 2020

Many people don’t know what’s the difference between having sex and making love, whereas others don’t really think that there is a difference. However, the truth is that these are two totally different things and you should know what’s the difference between them so that you can find out if you are in love with a person or not.

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Having sex or making love?

You make love when you are in love

There is no doubt that you make love with a person when you are actually in love with that person. You cannot have sex with someone that you love and care about. What making love actually means? Well, when you make love with another person you do not only care about your physical needs and about how you feel, but you care a lot about the other person as well. In fact, you care more about how the other person feels that you care about yourself. You want to offer pleasure, affection, and love at a different level, and you do everything you can to do that.

Making love means that you don’t care about the orgasm anymore, but about the connection you create between you and the other person. The feelings and sensations you have in those moments are simply magical and unique, and you feel extremely euphoric and happy. If love is shared ad the other person also loves you, then both of you will create a private circle of love, affection, and positive energy that will definitely make your relationship a lot stronger.

What having sex actually means

On the other hand, when you have sex you simply concentrate on your physical needs. It doesn’t matter how your partner feels and all you want is to have the most amazing sexual experience and get to the orgasm. Affection doesn’t exist at all, and two partners who are having sex may not kiss or hug either. In general, people who simply need sex visit uEscort in order to hire a sex worker and just have sex.

This is something quite common these days, and lots of men and women go for this option, especially if they don’t have a partner and they need to satisfy their physical needs. When two people have sex, they just want to feel deep physical sensations, and experience deeper orgasms. In fact, the orgasm is the main purpose of having sex. As mentioned earlier, if you only need to have sex, the you should confidently see a sex worker and satisfy all your fantasies.


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