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A memorable journey of London

Posted on: 13 , Jan 2017

London is the best place for a memorable journey. It is quite common in everyone to visit here. This could be the family trip, holiday trip, official or personal trip. Here we can find a number of attractive places to visit and enjoy. The city is also famous for its wonderful view; it comprises of houses, gardens, parks, lakes, roads, colorful towns and much more that still stays beautifully. So a trip to London can be a wonderful one. But, I experienced something else; let me explain it from the beginning.

Last week, I visited London for a personal trip and was looking stay there for a week trip. I reached the Heathrow airport. I took a taxi from there and reached Ritz hotel. At that moment, the time was 5:30 pm and also tired a lot. I decided to rest for the day and start the trip from the next day onwards. I woke up early in the morning, as I didn’t take a tour plan. So no car or taxi was there to pick me up. I am the only one and my cash with me. I decided to take the public transport. Reached Green park station from there, I took the metro to London Bridge. In metro itself, I saw the huge London Bridge, as its view was amazing if we look at it and its surroundings from far. I reached there and surprisingly the ticket was free. There were lots of people inside it as it is a well-known tourist place, and a way was there to the towers. If we look from the tower we can see the whole in a single view. I took several selfie pictures from there. The time was around 11:30 am, noon time. Nearby it, I saw several hotels but only one impressed me and that was “The Real Greek”. I saw some lavish girls from the restaurant’s transparent glass and they are having their breakfast. Actually, they were Sexy Oriental Escort Girls of London but at that time I don’t have any idea about what exactly the escort is… I felt affection and entered the same restaurant. But, for my surprise, no one was looking at me as I was constantly staring at them. Later, I think after my entry and within 25 minutes they all left the restaurant.

Rest of my journey

Then, I returned to the hotel. The whole day I was thinking and also asked the cleaner for some information about them but couldn’t get anything. The difference which I felt in them is their outlook; it was completely different from the current trend. I thought to continue with my journey. Then, my next visit was Kensington; it is a beautiful city in London with awesome people, accommodations, and restaurants. These makes the place fit to travel. After then, I visited the Leighton House museum, Linley Sambourne House, Royal Albert Hall, Serpentine Gallery and beautiful parks. The trip completely took me to the beauty of London but left a question over there about Sexy Oriental Escort Girls.

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